37 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas (2024)

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We've collected 37 creative and unique charcuterie board ideas for your next gathering. Find holiday themes, inspiration, and creative techniques in this article, that will really amaze and impress your guests at your next get-together. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to get our printable bagel board recipe!

37 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas (1)

I adore a good theme, so no surprise there, I've collected 37 unique charcuterie board ideas for special events, seasons, and holidays. This list contains some of the best and most clever ideas I've seen for creating beautiful and unique charcuterie boards. Gone are the days of a basic board, for my next big life event I can promise a perfectly themed and planned charcuterie board.

The best part of this compilation of unique charcuterie board ideas is that so many of these little techniques, hacks, and ideas are so EASY! The beauty of unique charcuterie board ideas is that they look so intricate and time-consuming, but really they are fairly quick and easy to put together! Especially when you have an inspirational pic or recipe to go off of.

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Best Charcuterie Boards

1. Best Fall Charcuterie Board

Does it get any more eye-catching than a large charcuterie board loaded with seasonal meats, cheeses, nuts, and spreads? This beautiful board has a hint of spooky season and a dash of fall sprinkled into its presentation. We even went as far as to find some spooky season-appropriate sage cheese to top it off, YUM!

2. Epic Bagel Charcuterie Board

When you love local bagels as much as we do, --a bagel breakfast board is a no-brainer for entertaining guests in the morning. Mix up your own smoked salmon and garlic feta cream cheeses to really impress your guests.

3. Fall Charcuterie Board

The use of a maple cookie cutter to cut a piece out of the brie, and fill it with jam is genius! We also love the little details with the mini pumpkins, apples, and pears on this board. Gorgeous and easy!

4. Spooky Charcuterie Board Ideas

Wow! This use of meats to cover this plastic skull prop is BEYOND spooky! Add some plastic spiders and you're on your way to a very spooky and delicious Halloween!

5. Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Amazing! The use of crescent dough sheets and a tin foil mold to create this gorgeous cornucopia was nothing short of genius! We can't wait to give this one a try.

6. Thankful For YOU Board

Oh my goodness @boards_by_brooke_ on IG really outdid herself on this one! We love the use of the mini pumpkin hollowed out to fit a dish with jam, and the letters cut from cheese! You can also find animal crackers shaped as letters to add a message to your charcuterie board.

7. Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

So much to be thankful for! This charcuterie board idea is the image of abundance. We love that they outlined exactly what they used to make this beautiful board come to life.

8. Candy Christmas Board

Another charcuterie board design for those with a sweet tooth. This mouth-watering holiday charcuterie board is jam-packed with festive sweets! Use this inspiration for your own Christmas charcuterie board, or make some adjustments and add sweets inspired by any holiday!

9. Charcuterie Wreath

Oh, what fun the holidays can be! This wreath charcuterie board gets creative with fresh rosemary to add to the look. Another great touch is the use of kabob sticks to make this an easy board to grab and go from.

10. Christmas Wreath

Another easy and cute holiday wreath idea. Does it get any cuter or more festive than this?

11. Oh Christmas Brie!

Similar to the maple leaf brie, check out the use of a cookie cutter to cut a Christmas tree into the brie and fill it with jam. YUM and so cute!

12. Oh Christmas Tree!

There are so many ways to get festive with your charcuterie boards! This Christmas tree design absolutely blew me away. The use of Brie and fresh rosemary really made this one special!

13. New Year's Clock and Stars

New Year's Eve calls for a perfectly thematic charcuterie board idea. We love the use of star-shaped dishes, and the clock made out of cheese! Don't be afraid to get creative when creating your NYE board.

14. A SWEET New Year!

Another take on a New Year's Eve charcuterie board. You can use birthday candles for the year and easy-to-find decorations. Looking for an exclusively sweet board? Then this one is for you.

14. Football Charcuterie Board

Wow your friends at your next Football watch party with a charcuterie board featuring a football made from meat and cheese!

15. Welcome Baby Board

There are so many ways to create beautiful lettering on your charcuterie board. We love the "BABY" cheese blocks and the inclusion of pregnancy-safe snacks on this board like grapes and bread.

16. Shining Stars Charcuterie Board

17. Patriotic Board

Using a cookie cutter to cut a star into the wax on a Babybel cheese was such a brilliant idea! The pop the red gives is perfect for your 4th of July BBQ or patriotic party.

18. 4th of July Board

We love a good theme for our charcuterie board designs, can't you tell? Another easy patriotic idea for your 4th of July festivities!

19. DIY Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Fewer Dishes than a breakfast buffet for your family or guests, and twice as many points for presentation! Use this unique charcuterie board idea to serve a full breakfast or as a morning sampler for grazing.

20. Rainbow Charcuterie

There are so many ways to make a gorgeous rainbow charcuterie board. This seems like such a simple idea but I had never thought of it before. There are so many possibilities for what to add when creating a rainbow board. Whether you're celebrating pride, a rainbow baby, or just want to wow with this striking and gorgeous charcuterie board ideas, the rainbow will be sure to make an impression!

21. Easter Bunny Board

How cute is this bread bowl bunny filled with dip? Kids and adults alike love the easter spirit this cutie brings out. Check out our FAVORITE spinach artichoke dip recipe for an idea of what to fill your bread bowl with.

22. Charcuterie To-Go

This is a great idea for conferences with breakout groups, large group picnics, family reunions, nontraditional weddings, and so many other events. This is also a wonderful post-covid world solution to germs!

23. Single Serve Cones

Another post-pandemic solution is single-serve charcuterie cups. Great for an on-the-go snack, and for guests to avoid sharing germs.

24. Letter Shaped Charcuterie Boards

Available for purchase at most craft stores are these neat cardboard letters. Use a craft knife to cut the top off and remove the interior framing, and you have yourself a unique charcuterie board!

25. Spring Colors Charcuterie Board

These colors are so soft and beautiful. Charcuterie boards are so versatile and can contain a number of delicious things. This one focuses on soft pink and green vegetables.

26. Smore's Charcuterie

Need we say more? Smores on a platter! SO good! This has got to be the best way to serve smores fixin's at your next bonfire. You can use a torch (and a very careful adult!) to make a toasted marshmallow dip, or just display classic fixin's for a bonfire.

27. Meat Flowers

Use a cup and thinly sliced meat to create these unique and beautiful flowers for your next charcuterie board! They are almost too pretty to eat.

28. Mother's Day Flowers

I love this idea for Mother's Day, or even a date or an anniversary. Many women love flowers, but flowers made from delicious appetizers? EVEN BETTER

29. Chocolate Charcuterie

Ummmm we're drooling over here. Needless to say all chocolate makes for one of the most unique charcuterie board ideas we've seen to date.

30. Charcuterie Tower

Another way to get creative with your charcuterie board, take it from the board to a dynamic tower like this one. So cute and easy.

31. Valentine's Chocolates Box

Adorable presentation, your sweetie will love this charcuterie board made from a box of chocolates. Just make sure you save them the chocolates too!

32. Cheese Filled Edible Flowers

Another easy and completely gorgeous charcuterie flower arrangement.

33. Healthy Santa

Such a brilliant idea to make a veggie tray Santa! Add some more variety, meats, and cheese to this veggie and hummus platter for a happy little Santa charcuterie!

34. Christmas Dips

This is one of our unique charcuterie board ideas that people love to eat! Bordering on a veggie tray, this festive platter also contains the delicious sweets we all like to snack on around the holidays. Have the best of both worlds plus so cute festive characters with this charcuterie board.

35. Italian Charcuterie Board

We love the addition of a Caprese salad to this Italian spread. Honestly, everything on this board looks sooo yum! What an easy and yummy charcuterie board idea.

36. Bride to Be Board

We love what this bride-to-be did with the light-colored meats being used to replicate soft pink roses. The use of cake toppers and the perfectly displayed cheese center are easy touches that add so much to a special occasion charcuterie board.

37. Grazing Table

Have a gorgeous (and sealed!!!) kitchen table? Consider laying out the ingredients like a lords buffet. When done tastefully, it's different and gives your snacking a fun twist. What do you think about this one? Let us know in the comments.

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37 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas (2)

Bagel Board (+37 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas)

Yield: 8-12 servings

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

We've collected the best charcuterie board ideas for your next function. Unique charcuterie inspiration, techniques and displays to inspire your next charcuterie creation. Be sure to save our bagel board recipe below to impress your loved ones!


  • 1 dozen bagels
  • Protein- Smoked salmon or lox is always a favorite
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Spreads - cream cheeses, jam, Nutella, etc


  1. Place the bagels on a wooden board or serving tray.
  2. Add any small dishes filled with spreadable items such as cream cheese, jam, peanut butter, etc.
  3. Space the protein options around the board, we especially love lox, cooked bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and ham.
  4. Add fruits and veggies such as avocado slices, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, arugula, oranges, and berries.
  5. Fill in any gaps with small fillers like nuts, herbs, or small fruits.
Nutrition Information

Yield 12Serving Size 1
Amount Per ServingCalories 468Total Fat 10gSaturated Fat 4gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 6gCholesterol 29mgSodium 952mgCarbohydrates 74gFiber 5gSugar 18gProtein 21g

The nutrional information is just an estimate and was calculated by an automated calculator. If you're on a restricted health program please manually calculate this information using the brands of ingredients you have since brands can vary.

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37 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas (2024)


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