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Antalya Archaeology Museum

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Archaeological museum


Specialty Museums

The Antalya Archaeological Museum is a must-see for history lovers in Turkey. It features extensive archaeological sections with beautiful mosaics, silver jewelry, and statues from Perge and Byzantium. The museum spans over 5,000 years of history and contains ruins and artifacts from the Bronze Age right up until Roman and Byzantine times.

I would say almost as impressive as the Athens museum, which says a lot. They have a terrific inventory of statues and I especially enjoyed the coin exhibits upstairs. It's a very Zen place with a great feel and with the museum card makes it very affordable.

Norm Y — Google review

Excellent museum with detailed displays. I especially loved the elaborate coffins! The little house displays of daily life was charming. And it is the first time I saw a Jesus with wings on the small church display area. Many excellent carved statues too. Definitely it is a must-do place while in Antalya!

Eileen W — Google review

There are many antiques dating back at least 2000-3000 years. Lots of marble statues from the local dynasties that have made their impact on the world many millennia ago. The museum is certainly smaller than its larger city counterparts but it is a very nicely decorated and designed museum that is worth a visit. I would recommend to families with children so that the next generation can witness the wonders of our ancestors.

Oğuz A — Google review

Extremely underrated archeology museum with great design and content. Had a wonderful time there without feeling overloaded. Luckily there was some mini concert event inside which made it truly fantastic.

Alper ? — Google review

This is a great museum with really nice displays. I especially enjoyed all of the statues. The MuzeKart is accepted here and there is an audio guide available. They also have an interactive room for kids. Make sure you have time to visit this place.

Bethany E — Google review

One word.Fantastic!Amazing collection.Amazing presentation.Great display.The only downside side - the audio was down. I believe if they were offering the audio on my phone I would go with it.Too bad the cashiers are not practiced

Yaier ( — Google review

When I entered into the museum, was quite sad that it was a small space and very limited, that was until I took the turn and saw the wide rage of Roman and Greek sculptures! It was an amazing experience, would definitely go again.

Rahul P — Google review

Nice museum. Worth visiting! It’s small but filled with ancient things. A lot of marble statues.The garden inside the museum has free entrance, looks gorgeous.I think you can make it in 1,5-1 hours if you will be fast and 2-3 with high attention or with the audio guide.Btw! One star minus — no WiFi and audio guide available in the app which you can download by qr code…

Daria G — Google review

I think that this museum has to be one of the best I've seen. The cost to enter was 55TL and with audio another 35 TL, an incredible bargain for what you get. I highly recommend the audio otherwise you miss so much information. This museum is laid out very well, lots of exhibits. The sculptures are very impressive and in very good shape, then you have the Sarcophagus that have such detail.3btraveler

Greg J — Google review

Really amazing for a one time visitTake out 2 hours at least for looking at every sculptureThe museum has rich history but only about the Roman periodWould have loved to see more of Ottoman but there was hardly any that is why i took one star awayIf you are a student in Turkey, buy the müze card for 30 or 60 lira and experience all museums/historical sites throughout Turkey with one time payment

Anushka J — Google review

It was a museum day and we got a free pass. The museum is full of ancient relics and sculptures, stoneware and other objects from digging sites of Antalya. Can recommend 100%. Coat of a ticket is 200 ly per person.

Irene G — Google review

The museum is a must see. The rich culture of the area is so well explained.Don't forget to carry headphones as you would need the audio to explain to you each segment.Also if you plan well, you could visit the dig sites from Antalya at a driving distance.

Rohan H — Google review

It's full of beautiful statues, coins, skeletons, and many other things about old ages. It's a very interesting museum for all ages.

Parshia H — Google review

I was absolutely positively surprised. The statues are gorgeous. I enjoyed the audio guide too (listened in English)Big shout out to the kind employee who let me download the app and audio guide via his mobile data - give that man a raise 🤍

Jamie — Google review

Such an interesting place and much bigger than anticipated from the outside. There is so much to discover and see from the different eras. Mostly model replicas but the idea is understandable. Cheap enough to do and see in 3 hours.

Rachel T — Google review

Absolutely breathtaking museum. I always visit a new one when I travel and am sometimes left underwhelmed. This was not the case! Vast sprawling exhibits and some of the finest marble statues I’ve seen ranging from around 400bc onwards. The statues of Hadrian and Alexander the Great were amongst my favourite alongside the gardens

Daniel R — Google review

Very nice museum with many exhibits! Wonderful museum collections coming mainly from Perge Ancient City. Worth to stop by at least one hour. The museum is not huge so even if you're not a fan of archeology, you should try it. We visited it after all day on the beach (it's on the way). You can leave your bags in lockers, it is a very comfortable solution. Entrance included in the Museum Pass Turkey.

Monika H — Google review

Amazing collection of statues!!! I say this after seeing the British Museum, touring Istanbul, and a day in Ephesus. We thoroughly enjoyed this museum despite all we had previously seen. Highly recommend.

Gail S — Google review

This Museum has artefacts from the very early period (~6000 BC) to the Roman time. Lots of beautiful statues and tombs from Perge ancient city. At the end there's also a room with ancient coins discovered in the area. As of October 2023 the ticket is about £10 per person.. A bit pricey for this little Museum. If you're touring Turkey and planning to visit more museums it may be worth purchasing the museum pass. Last, cross the street in front of the museum and you'll enjoy a great view of the coast, come in the morning for better photos of the mountains!

Chiara D — Google review

Definitely worth to visit this museum. A lot to see and see how details the statues. Take the red tram from the old town credit card lira 19. Same stop you can down to the beach. Or proceed to walk up main road after museum to take bus lira 19 to the cable car. Definitely worth to go up there. USD 15 for foreigners Local Turkish lira 78 if I am not wrong. Make it an great day out.

Simon Y — Google review

Very beautiful and big museum a lot to check inside (1-3 hours) price of a ticket was 340 lira (11.33$)

Abed A — Google review


Uzun Çarşı Sk.

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Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (7)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (8)

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Notable street

Kaleici is a narrow, winding street that runs through the heart of Antalya's historic district. The street features a mix of renovated Ottoman-era buildings and deteriorating ruins, making it a popular spot for tourists. The Kesik Minare, which stands tall in the center of the street, is another notable landmark.

Nice walking place! The sea view is unbelievable.

Evgenia B — Google review


Abdulrahman S — Google review

Lovely place

Tetiana B — Google review

You can feel your self.

Nure G — Google review

Kaleiçi is the old town of the city and the area has some great landmarks and many old houses from the 18th and 19th centuries among ambient streets like Uzun Çarşı. There are nice parks by the coast which also provide panoramic views.

Deniz M — Google review


Osman H — Google review

(Translated by Google) It is one of my favorite places to visit in Antalya. I think its streets should definitely be visited.(Original)Antalya’da gezmekten en keyif aldığım bölgeden biri. Sokakları kesinlikle gezilmeli bence.

Büşra Y — Google review

(Translated by Google) The old center of Antalya with its many narrow streets and authentic houses is a feast for the eyes. Beautiful building architect with beautiful landscaped gardens on the edge of the coast with bars and restaurants where you can eat fresh fish. You will also find nice shops here with jewelry and other trinkets.(Original)Het oude centrum van Antalya met zijn vele smalle straatjes en authentieke huizen is een lust voor het oog. Mooie bouwarchitecteur met mooie aangelegde tuinen aan de rand van de kust met barretjes en restaurants waar je verse vis kunt eten. Ook vindt je hier leuke winkels met sieraden en andere snuisterijen.

Frank G — Google review

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Termessos Ruins

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Ancient Ruins

Termessos Ruins is an ancient Pisidian city situated on Güllük Mountain, accessible through hiking trails. Nestled within Mount Gulluk-Termessos National Park, this historical landmark stands over 1,000 feet above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Although not heavily touristic due to its remote location and steep ascent, the preserved ruins are well worth a visit.

There is a serious hike up a very steep and rough path to get to the main part of the site but the necropolis to the left of the car park is worth the visit on its own. It is a beautiful location with breathtaking views.

Richard W — Google review

Beautiful place! Have to visit. Ruins, views, history - great! Possible to go on taxi. Recommend to visit via route by or else navigator. Starting from the tombs to city, bath, school, church, other buildings and finish - awesome antique amphitheater. All visit takes 3-5 hours.

Max B — Google review

A visit to the ancient ruins of Termessos was stunning to see and learn about the history with a tour guide. A bit of a bumpy walk but worth all the information you can learn. Definitely visit if you like hiking, walking. If you're going without a tour guide, be sure to do some research so that you understand what you see when you get there.It's 3 Euro to get in or 110 Turkish Lira

Rachel T — Google review

How can you not get five stars to a 2000-year-old ruin that is over 1,000 m above sea level? It is understood and is natural has any ruin in the country, with some amazing and breathtaking views up there.

Norm Y — Google review

If you like ruins then this place has to be on your bucket list. While it was unconquered by Alexander The Great, nature is winning that battle.Most of it is in ruins, but they are impressive. It's a long winding road up to the parking spot (but on a good road) and then a 45 min steep uphill climb, so wear good trainers. But what waits is well worth it.Lots to see (signposts in the site could be better) so allow lots of time. Take food and lots of water.

Paul B — Google review

Fascinating ruined city with so much to see. We spent 4 hours and still missed some of it. The theatre is spectacular and the necropoli were amazing. We even saw orchids and had tea with the very knowledgeable attendant which was a real bonus.

Tim C — Google review

Very interesting ancient buildings. It worth to come if you’re interested in history. It was a very nice experience to explore this place. However, it was not accessible by public transportation. We decided to rent a car instead of paying for a taxi which asked for 2000 TRY

Pleng — Google review

Very worth to visit. This is the unique place, an ancient town of Turkish Macu Pikcu in Taurus Mountain. Termessos is not so touristic, because you must hike approx 1km up, 1km down and around 3.5-4km in the Termessos itself when you reach it. You should calculate roughly to spend 2h if you walk quickly and 3h if slowly. Very recommended! 10points

Raimundas V — Google review

Breathtaking hike through the ruins to the summit! The ancient city features a magnificent theater, the monumental tomb of Alcetas (one of Alexander’s generals), Hellenistic Defenses, multiple temples, as well as several magnificent necropolises. It provides one of the most stunning examples of ancient cities in Western Turkey. I suggest around 3-4 hours to explore the site and hike the trails fully. Even if you are not a huge history buff, this is a fantastic hiking spot with a scenic view of the Turkish countryside.

Marina S — Google review

I am in love with this sacred spot.I am so happy that not everyone can come and see this place. pure serenity overrules in a good way.. I want to see this place again...

Thales D — Google review

After the windy road up to the top the views were amazing. The paths are not always clear so you have to climb around to find the ruins but that made it much more fun.

Kina G — Google review

This is billed as a "must see," "the Machu Pichu of Turkey." The trouble with such statements is they raise expectations and can lead to disappointment.From the car park you take a steep path up the mountain side to reach the ruins. Make sure you look back when you get to the first ruins to admire the view down the mountain side. On your left is the hamam. There is a path here which goes past many ruined buildings and on into a wooded area. I found this largely deserted and a great place to explore.The theatre, which is the focus of most visits was much smaller than I imagined and quite difficult to walk around due to the fallen stones. The setting is the key feature, with a mountain view as a backdrop.You read that these ruins are "the best preserved." This means that the ruins have been left as found, fallen stones and columns lie all over the site and you simply walk over them in many areas. Pathways are tracks between these stones.I got to the site by walking up the 12km access road. I'm a fast walker and it took 2 hours. It's quite a stamina sapping trek with many hairpin bends and stretches of steep ascent.Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed by the site but I'm still glad I went, if only to cross it off my bucket list, but the most enjoyable areas for me were the least visited which other visitors seemed to ignore. Go early to avoid the crowds.

Mark B — Google review

Not for wheelchairs! Also be careful when walking. Try not to step on the whitest shinny stones. They are as slippery as marble. I went over once and luckily did not smash my iPhone as I was following MapsMe for unraveling this fascinating site. It’s a Pisidian city. A civilisation north or Lycia. It’s mostly pre-Roman which is why it looks in bad shape. It’s old. It has also suffered a few earthquakes. Unlike Perge, it’s up in the mountains on a beautiful site. It’s actually spectacular. The theatre is the must see part. Quite amazing view. It must have been a wonderful city in its prime. Alexander failed to take it as well. After you have done the climb you wonder why he would even try!?

Jeremy K — Google review

Entrée 3€, vous entrerez dans un sublime mélange entre ruines et nature.Un peu sportif pour arriver en haut mais ça vaut le détour !(Translated by Google)Entrance 3€, you will enter a sublime mix between ruins and nature.A bit strenuous to get to the top but it's worth the detour!

Julie B — Google review

Absolutely beautiful!! Not only wonderful for history buffs but amazing hiking (so if you love both the perfect two for one)!!! Try to go early (closes at 5:00p.m.) so that you have enough time for all the sightseeing (takes at least a few hours to get through about half of it) and make sure to wear appropriate footwear (lots of loose rocks and climbing).

Ellie E — Google review

As a guide for Impulse Travel agency, you will have the most unique travel experience in Antalya when exploring the ancient city of Termessos. This area, also a natural park, allows for a long and challenging hike, providing the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views in the fresh air. To reach the ancient city, you'll need to climb a difficult path that takes about 15-20 minutes, but the oxygen and fresh air will increase as you ascend. As you approach the entrance to the city at the end of this wonderful hiking trail, you'll feel like you're entering the city through a well-preserved gate, once commanded by great leaders of ancient times. You'll trace the glorious life of a real Roman city, and I always look forward to visiting this place. As a guide for Impulse Travel, I can't wait to offer our guests the highest quality services during the Termessos ancient city tour.

ORHAN L — Google review

You should be ready to hiking! You will need about 20-30 minutes to climb to the antique city from the parking. Don't forget to wear the sneakers and take a bottle of waterBut the place is stunning!

Will S — Google review

Lace up your hiking boots, put on your Indiana Jones hat, and explore. Termessos is a totally unexcavated Pisidian city high up in the Taurus mountains about 30 miles from Antalya. Alexander the Great tried but failed to conquer it. Later, it was allied with Rome, although never actually ruled by Rome. The city was abandoned when an earthquake destroyed the aqueduct at an unknown date.I visited Termessos in 2022, and it was high on my priority list to visit again in 2023. There is something magical about it. You definitely feel like you are exploring, not just touring, at Termessos. A winding mountain road takes you to a parking lot from where you hike up another steep half a mile or so to the lower city walls. From there you wander, sometimes walking over decent footpaths and sometimes scrambling on all fours over massive boulders. The panoramic mountain views balance the muscular, maybe even brutal, architecture. The signage is minimal, and so you never know quite what will be around the next bend in the path. Make sure to do your homework before you go, and take a picture of the wooden map in the parking area before you start your hike.The star of the show is a 4-5,000 seat theater hanging off the side of a mountain. The view of the mountains from the theater is absolutely breathtaking — it’s almost a spiritual experience.There are two paths to the ruins. The main path is what most people take, but there is a second, rockier path that goes by a bunch of rock cut tombs. I would recommend taking the straight path up and the rock cut path on the way back, or vice versa.Although you can reach Termessos by bus and a 4(?) mile hike up the road from the entrance to the national park, I would recommend hiring a taxi or renting a car. I hired a taxi for about $60, and the taxi driver waited at the parking area while I hiked. Crowds are minimal. I counted 15 other people during my visit.

Marie M — Google review

This ruins are totally worth the visit. You need a small hike and can explore around the ruins and enjoy the stunning mountains views behind the theatre. The entrance is reasonable,about 70 tyr, and coming November pretty empty

Sheila G — Google review


Perge Ancient City

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (14)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (15)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (16)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (17)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Ancient Ruins

Perge is an ancient city in Pamphylia that was founded around 1000 BC and was occupied by many different empires over the years. Highlights of the site include the stunning Roman theatre, as well as an amazing chariot racing stadium.

Those who love history, going to love the place. My only advice would be - do your research about the places before going to Perge. Go to Archeology Museum first! Find information on YouTube, Google and only then go to Perge! Otherwise is going to be just a historical remains.. once you know the history and stories behind it, this place turns magical and special. Nice weather for visiting places such as, must be! Not for the views only, but it can be dangerous at some parts where you walk, and you can’t rely on warning signs because there is none. Be careful if it’s wet! Beautiful area.

Eliza B — Google review

The site is well preserved and many of the paths are paved which make it easier to walk. It's a huge site and could take a couple of hours to see completely. There are a couple of WCs on-site as well which were clean and modern. They have signage posted throughout the area which is helpful. There is a little map and guide book available for purchase in the gift shop which was also helpful. It's a great site. Not to be missed.

Bethany E — Google review

Really fascinating to see how things worked 3000 years ago!I'm not much of a history buff but still found these things very amusing. A good part of the stadium and theatre are still standing. You realize how powerful our ancestors really were, even when they had nothing that we have today!

Ashwin S — Google review

It is quite big and very hot if you walk around in summer. I liked the watch towers, baths and ancient graffiti on some of the columns. The theatre is also cool.

Nicolaas G — Google review

Exploring Perge Ancient City was an incredible adventure . The well-preserved ruins, from grand colonnaded streets to intricate Roman baths, offer a fascinating glimpse into ancient urban life. The site is well-maintained and its size is incredibly impressive . It's a serene and educational visit that shouldn't be missed. To really enjoy all Perge has to offer, I would highly recommend joining a guided tour.

Cassidi B — Google review

Oh wow, move over Ephesus, amazing and no crowds. The site is mostly only recently dug with some fairly recent spectacular finds. The only pity is they did not make facsimiles of all the statues that are now in Antalya Museum. It would have been incredible! So much to see, it's easy walking across the entire site with just a bit of a rough climb up to the acropolis. Follow the path around to the right following the city walls, if the barrier is up follow the path round and you get a 360 of the entire site. The necropolis is still not excavated and you are not allowed near.A fantastic site and world class

Richard W — Google review

The place is very interesting and enormous. A lot of ruins, well preserved amphitheater. We spent about 90-120 minutes there. You can pay in EUR or credit card. Entrance fee: 100 TL. Take a bottle of water with you ;-)

Garcija — Google review

On drive of 45 minutes from our hotel in antalya lies this ancient city. The entry ticket is 200 TL per person, in which all the sites in the surrounding are included ( the theatre is on the other side of the road, so keep your ticket safe as to show for the entry to the theatre). It is a well-preserved city and quite big. In some places, they are still excavating. But ruins tell how glorious that city was. Amazing place.Though it was quite hot, if you go in summer like us, take your hats and water to keep yourself hydrated and safe from scorching heat.

Misbah S — Google review

This was one of the most intact and intricate ancient cities I’ve been to in the Mediterranean. It is a wonder of the ages. As you walk through the city, you can visualize what life was like 2-3 millennia ago. It’s got many of the amenities of the modern world and possibly more. One of the cultural and religious centres of its calibre at the time, Perge still exists proudly even after the fates of time have kept it from display for quite some time. One of the must see places in this part of the world.

Oğuz A — Google review

After visiting 25 countries in the past three years, and visiting my share of cultural sites and ruins, this one truly stands out for its condition and size. The amphitheater is especially impressive and in great shape

Norm Y — Google review

Place that is definitely worth a visit. Entrance is 100TL per person and will allow you to visit both - amphitheater and antic city.If you are in a rush, I would definitely go to amphitheater than up the hill to the acropolis.

Kate?ina D — Google review

Definitely worth a visit. Entrance is 200 lira. This provides you with all around access and there is at least 2 hours worth of historical viewing. Very easily accessible by car and around a 30 minute walk after getting the tram.

Warrick S — Google review

I went there really early as it said they open at 8 am. I wanted to get lots of things done in one day as I rented a car. The gate was closed and no one was around. I managed to take photos of the area but did not have access to the ancient city. There is a fence all around.

M T — Google review

If you are interested in history and ancient Roman architecture, this is the place for you. A large stadium, shopping place, and monuments of Roman architecture are there. Keep a couple of hours for this. Use sunscreen and wear a cap in hot. You have restrooms and snacks / juice shops inside. Locals sell their products near the exit gate, which you can buy.

Dalim B — Google review

It was amazing!! Went on a day tour with a guide so he explained all the history and it was really amazing to walk through everything.Just be weary about the time you go during the day in summer/spring as it was really hot and there is not a lot of shade.

Kija N — Google review

So much area to explore! We loved that you could walk around at your own pace and really explore many of the ruins. There was lots of information so we could learn about what Perge would have been like hundreds of years ago.I would love to see models or art that shows what Perge might have looked like in its hayday. That would really help to visualize as we explore the ruins that exist now.

Cai J — Google review

We came visiting this ancient city in August. I really love Turkey and appreciate this ancient city. Some restoration and excavation were still happening when we were there. This place is huge and it got pretty hot at day (make sure you bring a hat and a lot of water).

Saou-Wen ( — Google review

Our hotel was in Konyaalti, but we decided to go there by public transport anyway. We followed Google maps and it took us around 1.5h to get there.We didn't regret ignoring the Perge-Side-Aspendos kind of deals as we spent the whole day basically in Perge only. The entrance ticket was 11€ in April 2024.First, you see an Amphitheater. It is quite impressive and well preserved. We climbed everywhere we could and enjoyed the view from all sides.Then, in the second part of the park, there are ruins of the city itself. Everything looks so majestic.Last, we visited hippodrome (I guess). Near almost every building there's a table telling the history of it in English and Turkish.It's such a great place to visit, we both loved it. Make sure to cover yourself in sunscreen, wear comfortable shoes for hiking, a hat, bring enough water, snacks and hand sanitizer (you don't want to have a bad diarrhea from eating with dirty hands).

Lena Y — Google review

Definitely worth visiting. Walking through the stadium which is one of the best preserved in the world I could imagine the chariot races and the noise of the crowd cheering.

Peter A — Google review

I get sick of the foreign tourist overpricing - 5 times locals. But it’s a large and interesting ruin. Mostly from Roman times. If you are Turkish you really should go. It’s your culture as well and it’s almost free for you. Make sure you see the small but beautiful mosaic in one of the small spaces along the main road. They are covered in dirt and look u cared for but still are quite impressive. There are no outstanding buildings left in Perge. The castle like gates are very interesting. It is a large city though and well worth the 11euro foreigners entrance price

Jeremy K — Google review

It's an interesting and an atmospheric historical site in Antalya. Ancient city is really large. Historical buildings and ruins are in good condition. You can spend here few hours if you like ancient history.Staff of the site is friendly and very helpful. They speak English. On the territory there is a toilet.Just in case when you go to this place take with yourself cash. We had small problems with the network of the terminal so we paid by the card only after five attempts

Mikhail V — Google review

Wow! Absolutely fabulous. The history simply drips off of the walls. Make sure you take a guided tour to get the maximum value out of the visit. You could spend a full day here but give yourself a minimum of two hours. The ruins are very extensive and you get an excellent feel for how life was in ancient times. A must see!

James S — Google review

Loved this place … it’s huge so take comfortable shoes and when sunny take water and a hat as you have lots and lots to see. Super interesting and the theatre which could host 12.000! People 🤯Bonus: a ginger cutie which jumped on my lap and drooled all over me for happiness 🐱🐱😻😻

Sebastian F — Google review

Great ancient city, full of history and ruins, very accessible and sufficient parking spaces. Consists of an agora, gymnasium, mosaics, old waterway, theatre and paths and other various historic buildings across the area. Nice cafe and shop too, worth a visit!

E C — Google review

Staying in Kaleici, we had a 15m walk to get a tram from Ismetpasa, getting off at Aksu (orange line) about 50mins. Tickets can be a bit confusing - you need to buy a ticket per person, 6 lira is just for the card you get which has contactless, then the rest is tye balance you put on the card. We put 50 lira on each and it lasted the journey and return. After the tram its then a 20-30m walk, dependent on how fast you are to the ancient city, which is outside of the main town you arrive in. For some reason two stray dogs escorted us the whole way from the station to Perge which was funny. The tickets for Perge are relatively cheap (about £25 for two). If going in high season do the theatre first - as you're about to turn right down the road to get to perge its on your left. We went off-season (March) so may be different on high season but pretty quiet place.

J A — Google review


Lower Duden Waterfalls

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Düden Waterfalls, a renowned natural attraction, are surrounded by a park and formed by recycled station water. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque scenery of this beautiful creation of nature, and take advantage of the nearby park to relax and unwind in warm weather. The falls are considered one of the most stunning in the world, offering pleasant weather daily with a high likelihood of observing an enchanting rainbow.

We landed Antalya early in the morning and it was one of not so many open places at that time, so we decided to give it a chance. And it definitely exceeded our expectations! Quite a nice place to visit with picturesque landscape. Absolutely worth visiting!

Alina M — Google review

Such beautiful and amazing place. A tall waterfall falling into the ocean, u can feel the sprinkles even at the height of some 50-70ft.. we went on a sunny day, it was lovely.

Priyanka D — Google review

Beautiful place and beautiful nature creation. With nearby park to chill in and relax perfect thing to see during walk and warmer days. Just sit nearby and unwind while listening cooing sound of water. Amazing.

Karina S — Google review

It’s a nice lovely walk with a great atmosphere around.There’s also a lot of food stalls on the park so you can have a nice chill walk with some foods and drinks. Great scenery, could be so packed when a lot of tourists are coming. No entrance fees. If you’re lucky, you can see the rainbow near the waterfalls.

Agnes T — Google review

Better than what we expected. If you like walking, you can walk from the old Town to the waterfalls. It takes about 2.5h. You can stop along the way to enjoy the beautiful view, there are many parks on the way, and you can have a cup of coffee/tea in one of the cafes there. Otherwise, you can go by bus as well.The waterfall is great to see at sunset and it gets illuminated at night.

Vladimir Y — Google review

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. there is a pleasant weather every day. there is a high chance of you seeing a cool rainbow as well.

Rayyan J — Google review

What a beautiful area, with glorious waterfalls, surrounded by great eateries and lots of stalls with snacks, ice cream, and lots of things for the kids to do. A well maintained park full with lots of locals and tourists alike. A must do when you're in Antalya. The view of the falls are stunning. And the coast is full of aqua and clear water

Qasim H — Google review

Stunning waterfall, you could enjoy it in any weather, during the day we were lucky to catch the rainbow!At the evening time amazing illumination around the waterfall.Comfortable pathways and viewpoints around. Absolutely recommend to visit!

Julia — Google review

It was really a nice place the view around was very good and the water was very clean. The temperature around was a bit cold. One need to wear proper winter wears.

Karan S — Google review

Lower Düden Waterfalls, located in Antalya, Turkey, presents a truly captivating scene for visitors. This natural marvel, where the Düden River reaches its crescendo and cascades dramatically into the Mediterranean from a rocky cliff, is a sight to behold and a photographer's dream. The park surrounding the waterfalls is well-maintained, making it a perfect spot for picnics and relaxing strolls.The accessibility of the site is commendable, with well-marked paths and plenty of viewing platforms that allow you to feel the mist on your face and hear the thunderous roar of the water. The nearby garden café offers a scenic spot to enjoy a cup of Turkish tea or a light meal, adding to the serene experience.Visiting Lower Düden Waterfalls is particularly magical during the early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight angles beautifully with the mist, creating rainbows. Whether you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Antalya for a few hours or searching for a picturesque natural landscape, Lower Düden Waterfalls delivers an unforgettable experience. Its blend of natural beauty, ease of access, and amenities makes it a must-visit destination in the region.

Klein S — Google review

One of the best view point in Antalya. Perfect place to rest and relax. D big something at the bench take some selfie. A lot of shops and coffee houses around

Osman D — Google review

Visited on a boat tour from a nearby hotel in Belek. Excellent views of the waterfall. Would recommend to anyone visiting Antalya.

Raja B — Google review

Lower Duden falls I found it strange from geological point of view. A big waterfalls directly on the sea without any sea beach in between. A boat ride is necessary. Any one can watch it from sideways.

Atis B — Google review

A vibrant flat walk from Eski Park! Shops along the way. The waterfall is located in a thin park called Duden. Very easily walkable and accessible for families.

Rachel T — Google review

I'll never travel to Antalya Province without this trip planner again

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Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (18)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (19)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (20)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (21)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (22)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (23)

I will never travel to Antalya Province without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Old City Marina

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (25)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (26)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (27)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (28)

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The Old City Marina is a great place to spend a day in Antalya. The marina has lots of boats and sailboats, making it the perfect place to explore the old city. Additionally, the marina has a fortress with cobbled lanes that make for an enjoyable afternoon walk.

Very nice place but we had bad weather

Wika — Google review

Beautiful Antalya 💖 Nice place around harbor for a beautiful walk around and exploring the old town ⛴

Waqas A — Google review

This place is always amazing!

Norm Y — Google review

The marina area has plenty of activities to offer. There are boat rides here, in addition to sunbathing and swimming in the sea. The place has many restaurants, and can be quite crowded.Walking uphill, one can witness some Roman ruins and Ottoman history. The uphill has plenty of stores selling souvenirs, Turkish clothes, snacks, and drinks.At the top, there is a water fountain. There are many restaurants, and one can do a horse cart ride. Very close to this place is paid parking.In general, this place and the surrounding area has plenty to offer, and is worth considering staying at.

Fahd ب — Google review

The old Marina is pretty from up above. Not a lot to do down in it. Also there is a ton of stairs so if you have small children or bad knees you should probably skip going down.

Morgan P — Google review

Wonderful boat ride experience with the family. Rides can be 45 min to 2 hours. 45 min was more than enough for us. Lots of beautiful scenery to take in

O J — Google review

The view is really taking my breath away in astonishment. Impressive nature with refreshing wind from the sea. I love it so much! Felt like being in the fairytale. Great experience! It’s definitely a must to come if you visit Turkey!

Brandon C — Google review

This is such a beautiful place. I can’t tell you how expected it was to see all the history and learn about the romans who came to help the city and build.We had a historic tour, and our guide was fab with the information. Hadrians gate was beautiful, a little crowded and so many people stare and try to sell things to tourists but allow to just walk away safely which is nice compared to other parts of the city.There is so many beautiful shops, all different variety of items, and clothes.Then the marina where the boat trips happen is a gorgeous, clear water space.We had a great experience and even in the winter, we had 22 degree sun, with a lovely breeze from the sea.

Naomi J — Google review

Great view, nice place for relaxing walk.

Florentina C — Google review

It's ok as a place of interest to visit with some lovely views and scenery including numerous boat rides along the coast picking up on some minor waterfalls. Aggressive touting can be expected from reps trying to get toy on boat rides. Don't pay mot than 10-15 liras per person. Easiest option is to use the lift to get up and down to the marina

S A — Google review

A must visit place when you’re in Antalya

Thidarat P — Google review

I like the old city, Marina, the city view in the night and the CV in the night is very good combination. They have many places to sit dine and enjoy if you are going to city Marie in the night you can enjoy the food here. Turkish ice cream and everything available on the stocks if you are going with family, friends and coupleit’s a big back walking tour on. It’s like a very inclined and declined places you should go with some water bottles. You can walk here. Every places you will get some drinks ice cream stop many soft drink

Ansh V — Google review


Karaalioglu Park

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (29)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (30)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (31)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (32)

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Nature & Parks

Karaalioglu Park is a large green space that offers lovely views of the Gulf of Antalya. It is located just outside the city center and perfect for leisurely walks with friends or family.

Karaaliglo Park Antalya was built on the slopes, which gave it a charming view, where people, young and old, frequent it for recreation and enjoying its beautiful scenery, where there are many games that bring joy and pleasure to children, and it is one of the most beautiful and largest Antalya parks.This garden was built in the year 1940 AD, at the end of the Second World War. The area of ​​the garden is estimated at about 70,000 square meters. Its lands extend along the slopes in the east of the country and include many beautiful trees and plants, where the number of plants is estimated at about 120 species.

Mohammad S — Google review

Superb park with a sea view and panoramic city view, 2 in 1! There are many benches to chill and inside the park there are several cafeterias just among the trees. You might enjoy a very peaceful walk there.

Niki M — Google review

One of the only free good views in the city but it was ruined by the municipality and the people. There's a very loud amusem*nt park with its speakers at 1000% volume, so many people smoking that the air smells like cigarette smoke, and some people getting in the park with loud motorcycles and speakers goong around! So much sound and air pollution, and everywhere is full of the remains of sunflower seeds people ate and thre away, and also cigarette butts...

Masoud M — Google review

Great view at the end of the park. Walking in you'll see statues and some stands regarding different type of plant and trees. There is also a football court on the left side of the park. You can find restaurants hanging around when you feel hungry.

Hasan K — Google review

Very nice huge park with free WiFi and plenty of places to sit. The park overlooks the Mediterranean and has access to the water. The park is minutes walk from the busy shops and restaurants of Antalya

Ahmad A — Google review

Big park located by the see in Antalya. Close to old town. Enjoy your walk, have a coffee or food in same restaurants. Place friendly for dogs.

Renia T — Google review

Absolutely beautiful place. It is a huge park and takes time to walk all around the park. The scenery is beautiful.

Muhammad A — Google review

Amazing park for day and night vibes, the sea view is fantastic and when I was there there was a food fair happening so made it much better. Totally recommend it for families, specially with babies.

Hiwa E — Google review

It is a nice little walk around the park and nice views overlooking the water. There are some stalls and some nice cafés. I went there a bit afternoon time so didn’t really find very appealing. Just like any other park, but for some it might be nice place to chill. I visited in a day time when it was hot day so didn’t really have the best time.Parking can be an issue as I couldn’t not find parking easily.

Haider M — Google review

Big Park with beautiful sceneries and view of Mediterranean sea, there are beautiful statues scattered in the park and also some ancient ruins. Great place to spend time with family and friends or a nice walk. Entry is free and finding parking can be a bit challenging.

Misbah S — Google review

It was a lovely place for walking along the cliff coast. Interesting information on the boards about different types of trees. It was an alley of the small monuments, quite unusual. There are a couple of viewing points where you can sit and enjoy the view of the sea and mountains. It looks like it's very popular in the evenings among the locals.

Tatiana R — Google review

Kaleici near the park . Very pleasant place to spend day or evening. Lots off choices of restaurants . Reminded me of Spain. Clean and cosy streets .

Naz I — Google review

It is Amazingly beautiful place that attracts a high number of tourists even in off-season. Walking in the old town is more fun than anywhere else in Turkey.

Usman K — Google review

Beautiful park with lots to see, places to eat or just relax and drink tea, just walking down from old town, Kaleici area towards the shore. The Shore in this area is high cliff that makes great views over the sea and west side of Antalya. There is a stairs to take you down to water for swimming.

Mehdi G — Google review

It's best to enter through the hardian's gate, then wander down charming narrow pathways lined with beautiful restaurants and hotels, all leading to this tranquil oasis. The park exudes a refreshing vibe, thanks to the abundance of lush trees, and the views are simply breathtaking. It's a perfect escape for anyone seeking beauty and tranquility.

Sahara S — Google review

It is an outdoor park where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the Mediterranean Sea. I liked that it was an animal-friendly space where very large dogs roamed freely in the park and could harmonize well with the animals. It is really beautiful and I want to visit again.

H — Google review

The ocean view is worth the walk from Kaleiçi. It is just the heat since it is summer that spoilt. Anyway, there are cafes, toilet which need to pay TL5, seating areas are comfortable.

Sue M — Google review


Yivliminare Mosque

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (33)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (34)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (35)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (36)

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Sights & Landmarks

This striking, fluted minaret tower rises like a beacon above the Kaleic cityscape. The mosque and its attached structure are still in use today and visitors can find a little-known Sufi museum inside what was once a monastery for whirling dervishes.

MashAllah, a beautiful historical masjid that was built in 13th century. The Inside is small, but so beautiful. They do have head scarfs and skirts for women who come in shorts, but not for men, and you can’t get inside while wearing shorts (men or women). It’s a little noisy due to construction they are having, but still we are so happy that we saw this amazing structure.

Meri O — Google review

Lovely old mosque. Like so many mosques the interior has been renovated. The outside is the same - I’m guessing. Interesting old ceramics can still be seen in the exterior

Jeremy K — Google review

One of the most ancient mosques in Turkey which can be visited when you are in Antalya. Free entry but there are some road works around the mosque and wudu was not available possibly due to the ongoing construction work.

Islam S — Google review

A historic place to visit thereVery beautiful masjid and surrounded by old Istanbul and beautiful views.

Naveed N — Google review

Beautiful 13th century ottoman era mosque. A must visit if you're in Antalya

Abdus S — Google review

Located in Kaleiçi (the old town centre), this mosque was built by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Kay Qubadh I. It is part of a complex of structures, which include the Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev Medrese, Seljuk and Dervish lodges, and the vaults of Zincirkıran and Nigar Hatun. Every stone oozes history. If you go to Antalya, this mosque should be one of the locations you should consider visiting.

Nilufer U — Google review

Wow MashAllah the most precious mosque I’ve ever visited. The carpets are extremely soft and clean. There is so much history in this place and one can feel it. This mosque is very accommodating and hospitable towards all. Anyone can come and learn about Islam here. There are posters outside and inside explaining Islam and inside the mosque there is an electronic interactive tablet which one learn about the mosque and about Islam. Available in Spanish, English, Russian, and Turkish.I was curious about the price of a beautiful Quran I saw in the mosque. I went outside to ask the security guard, he immediately got up and took me into the mosque to see what I was talking about. He told us that there is no payment. He went above and beyond and gave us another book about Islam too. What a nice and kind man, God bless him.We left a donation in the box because it’s important to keep such an important place of spirituality alive.

Dario S — Google review

Absolute piece of marvel. Built in 1373, the most is well preserved. Cobbled street will lead you to the mosque. There is a small market place selling hand made jewelry of Seljuks and Roman era. It is a must visit.The area near the mosque also have good information about Islam for everyone to learn and understand.

Taniyyus S — Google review

Beautiful and very clean. It one of the most important places that recommended to visit especially for Muslims. Very well built and maintained. Very quiet and not crowded for such an iconic remarks.

Hussein A — Google review

Very peaceful and historical place in antalya,you feel peaceful in your heart ❤️ 💙 💜,The Belding is about 700 years old,there is also too much information about Islam and God,if you're in antalya you have to visit this historical mosque 🕌 specially if you're Muslim, as all mosque 🕌 you can't inside with your shoes.I recommend this place to visit and try to pray for the God who creating every things.

Ahmed S — Google review

Nice little old historic mosque in the centre of the old town with an unusual minaret. Beware regarding appropriate dress, ie no shorts for male or female. So I couldn't go inside which was a shame. The did have a mini exhibit outside about the basic tenants of Islam which was very interesting

Dave T — Google review

Ancient mosque in kaleici district. Visit the nearby shopping han.

Abulmajd A — Google review


Kurşunlu Waterfall

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (37)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (38)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (39)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (40)

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National reserve

Nature & Parks

Kurşunlu Waterfall is a vast natural park spanning 587 hectares and is situated along one of the tributaries of Aksu River. The park features several picturesque picnic areas, a waterfall, and a range of nature trails through the mountains. Visitors can indulge in various activities such as exploring different parts of the hill or taking souvenir photos at reasonable prices. However, visitors with mobility issues may struggle with steep staircases leading to some parts of the park.

Really beautiful place with a lot of places to walk to and see. You can take your time and admire nature, have beautiful photos taken and even chill in one of the cafes. Definitely recommend this waterfall like probably every other one in area.

Karina S — Google review

It's a nice place but too many visitors. There's a waterfall and a walking route. I would recommend go further 1 km after the restaurant in the middle. There are less tourists there. There is a camel and a mule to ride and a parrot to make photo with. Negotiate the prices.

Natalia D — Google review

A fine park to spend an afternoon. This is a park, a waterfall, and has several restaurants to dine at. There are also mini-stores to buy snacks and drinks. Restrooms are quite available. The place can be quite crowded, but there is ample parking outside.

Fahd ? — Google review

Wonderful place! Amazing wildlife and scenery, I would definitely recommend!There is a toilet 100m on the right from the entrance, another close to the restaurants as well. Cafe , ice cream stand and restaurant are available. Car park is huge and free right in front of the entrance. For adults the current entrance fee is 45TL, ONLY CASH IS ACCEPTED!

Esther K — Google review

Very nice area. The nature is beautiful there.The waterfall is really week but overall I like it.The entrance is 16 TL per person. I would not recommend this for people with problems of mobility as the stairs are pretty steep. There are some shops that sells Gözelm or some ice if you want some snacks and they do some photo shooting for reasonable prices if you bargain ;)

Amer D — Google review

Beautiful place, I enjoyed going there around 6pm after a day at the beach to unwind and cool down a bit. The main waterfall is the highlight and it’s peaceful and you can get nice photos. It’s not big unless you venture out on the hiking trails. There’s a little cafe on the water near the end. Costs 16Tl for adults and 8Tl for students. There’s ample free parking in a lot.

Alexandra P — Google review

A nice place though it is quite busy. The entrance fee is very cheap and the walk is not too long. You can choose to go down a longer path but we didnt. The waterfall itself is quite nice and the water surrounding it is nice to look at. The whole area feels magicall. A bit of a shame you cant swim in the water but theres probably a reason for that.

mmm — Google review

Just one word to describe this lovely little waterfall: Tranquility. You cannot help but wonder if this is how a part of heaven looks like. I admit it is a long commute from the city center, but it is totally worth the effort.

Susan — Google review

Subhanallh, this is not only a waterfall but a full package to explore the nature. loved it so much and enjoyed time with family. Visit amazing waterfall and then walk on the paths through mountain. you can go up to the hill and explore different places. Remember your return way, else you may be lost

Jassim A — Google review

Beautiful area. They have a nice walk/hike organized around the waterfall. The entry is 16 Turkish lira. They have small shops for juice and food there as well. They have picnic spots as well. The Duden waterfall in my opinion was grander but this one is also very nice.

Priyanka P — Google review

Nice place to go. Very beautiful water falls and so natural. I enjoyed short hiking around there, it’s not going to take long. Unfortunately I couldn’t swim it’s forbidden to swim in the water. :) if you have a short schedule I’d not recommend going to there, because there’s a bit far from the city and not much to do there.

G P — Google review

Soooo beautiful. We walked everywhere and got lost. Perfect Adventure and views.There are restrooms everywhere and places to sit and chill if you want to have a picnic. And there are few playgrounds for kids that have ducks surrounding it

Fatma A — Google review

I passed by because it was just off the main road between archaeological sites. I’m so glad I did. It’s really a lovely little spot. Great place to see beautiful nature and recharge the soul

Jeremy K — Google review

Kursunlu Waterfall is a captivating natural attraction located near Antalya, Turkey. Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Kursunlu Nature Park, the waterfall offers a serene escape into nature. The waterfall is framed by lush greenery, creating a tranquil environment for visitors to explore. The park features well-maintained walking paths that wind through the surrounding forest, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna. Kursunlu Waterfall itself cascades gracefully over rocks, providing a picturesque setting for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat. The park is known for its diverse bird species, adding to the overall charm of this natural haven.

Najbur R — Google review

This was a beautiful waterfall in a great environment. It was surrounded by greenery. There are also some things like the plant tunnel and duck seeing. The only major concern is that if you’re with the family, it will be harder to explore the entire site as it requires a lot of walking. It’s minimum of 2 km circle. And just to clear it off the second waterfall doesn’t exist so don’t fall in the trap of walking extra 500 m. there was a great restaurant in the middle as well where you can get refreshing drinks. there will also be a concern for washrooms has when we went they were not available you would have to go back to the start to relieve yourself but overall it was very pretty.

Ibrahim K — Google review

Kurşunlu Waterfall in Antalya is a beautiful place that attracts visitors from all over. Even though it's far from the busy downtown area, it's worth the trip. As you get closer to the waterfall, you'll see lots of green trees and plants. The peaceful sound of the water falling adds to the calm atmosphere. It's a great spot to take amazing photos and appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether you love nature or photography, visiting Kurşunlu Waterfall will give you a memorable experience filled with beauty and peace.

Nasim M — Google review

Some great sightseeing to be done here if you're an outdoorsy type.Not suitable for pram or buggy unless you plan to just stay at the entrance area which hAs a play park, some benches and some food vendors.We completed the main circuit with a 2.5 year old without too much drama but there are a lot of steps so keep this in mind for young / elderly visitors.Entry is extremely cheap but cash only.We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was extremely busy but we still enjoyed the visit however after talking with some of the staff I would recommend going on a weekday.

Ricky L — Google review

What to say more than "simply amazing" 😍 With the exception of overpriced restaurants in the waterfall park, this is a wonderful place 💖

Kamila M — Google review

İf you love the sound of water, nature and walking that's the correct place.

Faezeh M — Google review

We wanted to buy 6 tickets. 1 ticket 28 lira, so total of 168 lira. We didn't have enough lira, so at the moment, 1 euro= 28 lira. Guy behind the counter said 1 ticket 2 euro. So make sure u have liras on you, or they will charge you double the price. After a lot of arguing, they finally said 6 is okay. Be mindful when visiting this place. The waterfalls were very pretty and would give them a 4 star. Also there are a lot of animals who look very sad. In conclusion, it is a nice place to visit even with poor customer service and weird behaviour.

Colpy — Google review

Cool place! I liked that there are many places for walking, and not just a waterfall. You can turn off the official paths and walk through the forest. In general, there was almost no garbage on the territory, there were many garbage cans that were dark brown and fit well into the landscape. The paths were of good material and comfortable for walking on wet surfaces. There are many interesting trees and plants. In general, about 5 km of footpaths are quite enough for a walk. There is a picnic area. Of the minuses: The main minus is the cafe on the territory of the reserve, they are terrible, expensive and with poor food and service, the administration please pay attention to this. There were also places where the road was washed out and branches were simply piled up there, it was not convenient to walk. And at the end of the route the bridge collapsed, put up a sign please. Advertising of local cafes looks ugly, hanging right on the trees. In general, I recommend it, suitable for those who want to take a walk in nature, but not far from civilization.

Andre W — Google review

Tourists attention : cash onlyOtherwise you have to pay double the price in Euro and the guy at front is super rude and takes the money . He even tried to only give us 2 tickets for 6 euros.You can easily walk around in 10 mins and see everything.Also, Absolutely horrible & depressing for the conditions of the animals . There's also a puppy been tied up in the back. No animals should have broken souls and be used like this. Such a shame it's next to the mosque this should be Haram حَرَام . Where's the love & compassion ?!

Michelle S — Google review

What can I say but a must see. It is an oasis only 28 minutes away from the Lara resorts. Clear water with natural waterfalls. Girl not included.

Daniel T — Google review


Red Tower

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (41)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (42)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (43)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (44)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

The Kızılkule, or Red Tower, is a Seljuk defensive tower located in Alanya. The structure is made of red brick and rises 33 metres high. It is one of the city's iconic landmarks and houses the Alanya Ethnographic Museum.

It was a nice short exploration. It was very fascinating to see the old beautiful tower. And I enjoyed the great view from the top.😊 Definitely one of the place you must visit.

Maxima A — Google review

Der Eintritt war sehr günstig. Der Aufstieg ist sehr beschwerlich und nicht für körperlich eingeschränkte oder sehr kleine Menschen/jüngere Kinder geeignet. Die Treppenstufen sind nämlich extrem hoch, eher wie zwei Stufen auf einmal. Aber man wird oben mit einen wunderbaren Blick auf Meer bzw Stadt belohnt(Translated by Google)The entrance fee was very cheap. The climb is very difficult and not suitable for physically disabled or very small people/younger children. The stairs are extremely high, more like two steps at once. But you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the sea and the city at the top

Kerstin P — Google review

The main attraction of the city of Alanya. We enjoyed our walks day and night. And we took a lot of photos.

Nika N — Google review

Love this place, it’s wonderful to be around Red tower during the day and swim. And during the night you can enjoy in lights and smell of sea ❤️❤️❤️

Darija Č — Google review

We walked around the neighborhood, didn’t go up to the top, but even so it was very beautiful. The views are crazy, everywhere you go it’s very beautiful. You definitely need to take a walk here, but whether to visit the tower or not is everyone’s choice. By the way, if you come here, you need to have good shoes, heels are definitely not suitable. The roads are old, rocky, difficult to walk. and if you come here in the rain, then I think walking here is generally dangerous.

Ксения Л — Google review

Red Tower in Alanya is with one word an Experience. And as such almost free for western people; the ticket price is 15 lira (August 2022), which is less than 1 euro. Red Tower is an interesting historic attraction and it's a sight seeing place: From there you get a new perspective both to historic life of people many hundred years ago, and a new perspective to Alanya town, too.

Hannu T — Google review

Cool historical landmark, worth a visit. Has a nice view of Alanya and the beach, and also gives a break from the sun and warmth. The entrance is cheap, and you can buy tickets to several landmarks in Alanya at the same time for an even better deal.

Martin H — Google review

Da hat man eine schöne Aussicht auf den Hafen und die Stadt. Kostet 60 Lira Eintritt. Im Inneren müssen einige Stufen erklommen werden, die nicht so bequem sind.(Translated by Google)You have a nice view of the harbor and the city. Entrance fee is 60 lira. Inside you have to climb some steps which are not so comfortable.

Thomas S — Google review

Sehr schöner und gut erhaltener Turm. Wer sich für der Art Burgen interessiert kann sich hier eine schöne Mauer anschauen.(Translated by Google)Very beautiful and well-preserved tower. If you are interested in the type of castles you can take a look at a beautiful wall here.

David R — Google review

Great place to spend some time, there is a museum, and shipyard, it is very nice

Justyna C — Google review

Totally worth a visit. You need to go up quite a lot of steps but it's interesting to see how the tower is structured. It's also very cool inside so it's great to escape the hot summer for a few minutes. Finally on the top you can enjoy a wonderful view of Alania and take memorable pictures.

Forooq R — Google review

Also called the red tower.A nice old tower with model ships and some information about the history.Also a nice view to outside and a small part to the city walls.It's also a good starting point to the castle upwards.A combo ticket with the nearby old shipyard van be bought.

Michel K — Google review

Die Besichtigung des roten Turmes mit der alten Schiffswerft sollte man auf jeden Fall machen. Da die Stufen zum Teil sehr hoch sind sollte man gut zu Fuß sein.(Translated by Google)You should definitely visit the red tower with the old shipyard. Since some of the steps are very high, you should be able to walk easily.

Ross M — Google review

Very good place! Must see in Alanya. Beautiful views on the top. Note that it closes too early, 19:30. Evening views could be very nice)

Levan K — Google review

Walk in 13th century! Beautiful medieval castle & red tower with incredible views of the City and coastline! Loads of history, grate for hiking and walk, well worth a visit, highly recommended!

Yen Y — Google review

Kızılkuleis a historical tower in Alanya, and you definitely should visit it during visit of town. Exposition is good, but main are views from top of tower and fortification. Great location, very comfortable to park your motorcycle near it. Price for visiting all complex is adequate. Views from top as for me look alike some Croatia towns. Definitely you should go to old shipyard docks.

Andrejs L — Google review

I had the pleasure of visiting Antalya's Red Tower (Kızıl Kule), and it was a truly captivating experience. As I approached the historic Kaleiçi area, the sight of the imposing tower against the backdrop of the clear blue sky was breathtaking. Stepping inside the Red Tower, I was immediately transported back in time. The ancient walls and architectural details were a testament to the rich history that this iconic structure holds. As I climbed the narrow spiral staircase, I couldn't help but imagine the generations of people who had walked these very steps centuries ago. Reaching the top of the tower, I was rewarded with a panoramic view of Antalya's stunning coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. The sight was nothing short of awe-inspiring, and I took a moment to soak in the beauty of the landscape. Throughout my visit, I had the opportunity to learn about the tower's significance during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. The informative displays and exhibits shed light on the historical importance of the Red Tower, making the experience all the more enriching. The Red Tower's reddish hue, a characteristic feature that gives it its name, only added to its allure. It seemed to glow in the sunlight, adding to the mystical atmosphere surrounding it. As I left the Red Tower, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for having experienced such a remarkable piece of history. The Red Tower is undeniably a treasure that Antalya proudly showcases to the world. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city, I highly recommend visiting the Red Tower to immerse yourself in its fascinating past and witness the beauty it has to offer.

tayfun — Google review

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Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (45)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (46)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (47)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (48)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (49)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (50)

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Mermerli Sk.

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (52)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (53)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (54)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (55)

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Outdoor Activities


Mermerli Sk. is a renowned street located in the city of Antalya, Turkey. This historic street is lined with old stone buildings and numerous shops that cater to tourists and locals alike. Mermerli Sk. features a diverse range of businesses such as restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, jewelry stores, and art galleries which attract many visitors throughout the year. The street is also famous for its picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea and majestic mountains in the distance.


Konyaaltı Beaches

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Konyaaltı Plajları is a beach located in Antalya, Turkey. The coastline stretches for 7 kilometers and offers visitors breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports. The beach features crystal clear waters and soft golden sand that create a relaxing ambiance for tourists to unwind.

Great beach and amazing vibes.It is a pebble beach so if you can rent a beach bed in one of the clubs, it is worth it. They do not cost much and you get table service.Great atmosphere. People dancing, listening to music, playing sports.The beach is huge and goes on for miles but stick to the parts near the beach gardens. Red Rujj is a great beach lounge.The water is crystal clear and warm well into October.

Matthew S — Google review

Pebble beach, would highly recommend water shoes. We liked it, as the beach is huge, it was not too crowded. The water was a bit cold but loved it as it is super clean and the view is great with the mountains in the background. Toilets, changing rooms and restaurants are available. Great fruit juice bar next to Muze tram stop, would recommend. There are people selling corn , cold water etc on the shore and they are not pushy.

Esther K — Google review

Very nice waters, a lot of shops and facilities around. There is a lot of people here because it is very calm & it is also a very beautiful spot to relax in Antalya!You can get a chair if you need, there are lifeguards a long the coastline, you can get food wherever and whenever you want. There is a lot of parking, showers, bins. Everything you need at the beach! Water is very blue too 👌I think the fact that you are surrounded by mountains on either side whilst in the water is very special. That is what makes it so nice to chill and relax here!

Kenan A — Google review

You can come by tram from the city center and stop at Muze stop. The beach is not sandy, its made of very little rocks, it doesn’t cause harm to your feet, it’s very colorful and cool. You can find a lot of private resorts there, and so many scooters to go down and up the hill if you don’t wanna walk.

Bisso — Google review

Very clean, pebble beach with open public beaches as well as private clubs mostly associated with hotels. From Antalya you can catch the antique Tram and in 30 minutes arrive at this beach. This is a wonderful getaway from the city to swim and relax. For an added bonus grab a beer and eat at the municipal restaurant for pennies on the dollar as compared to the private establishments. If you do like the water, and refer the shade, there are picnic tables and park lanes surrounded by trees.

Janna K — Google review

The best beach I have ever been to. Beautiful view of the mountains. Free shower. Free relatively clean toilets. Restaurants for every taste. Picnic areas. There is a jogging track and basketball courts. There is a skatepark. The bike paths are certainly not safe, but they are there. The main danger on the bike path is the people who walk on it and stray dogs that periodically chase cyclists. It would be nice if table tennis tables were installed.

Andre W — Google review

Beautiful beach, water is great, clean, lots to do around. I survived getting in and out of water without swimming shoes, the rocks are not the worst, especially once in the water

Klaudia R — Google review

Beach was crystal clear....I loved sitting there for sometime... Pebbles was nice to see.....

Prashanth A — Google review

Very nice beach. It is a beach what has small rocks on the entire cost, so if you want a sandy beach you have to go to the other edge of the city to the Lara beach.In every 50 meters there is a beach bar with confortable sun beds, they cost 125-250 tl depends on the closeness to the sea. The beach itself is clean and free of charge. Worth to go here.

Tamás P — Google review

Really nice beach, stunning from every angle.It’s not the normal sand beach but make up of small stones, very beautiful and specialYou can see a lots of families or friends picnic in here, get their own picnic table and chairs to enjoy a chilling and relaxing afternoon. What a perfect day.I love it in morning, afternoon and sunset. Different types of beauty. Must go if you’re in Antalya

Josephine W — Google review

One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve visited so far. It’s different because it’s not sandy, it’s a pebble /marble stone beach.Very beautiful place to relax and have a peaceful time, it’s also not crowded.On one side its wide-open sea, one side you can see the mountains and one side you can see the Antalya city buildings and in the back beautiful trees. It was an amazing experience and a must recommended place to visit and enjoy.Sunset is amazing from here with awesome, magical and lovely views. 💫❤️😍🇹🇷

Shafqaat K — Google review


Atatürk Cd.

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Atatürk Cd. is a bustling street in the heart of Ankara, Turkey that runs parallel to Kızılay Square. The avenue is named after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first President of Turkey. It is lined with modern buildings, shops, cafes, restaurants and public monuments such as Anıtkabir - Atatürk's Mausoleum.


Kaputaş Beach

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (56)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (57)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (58)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (59)

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Outdoor Activities

Kaputaş Beach is a stunning shoreline cradled between two massive rock formations. To avoid the crowds, it's best to arrive early and depart early since it can become very crowded with both locals and tourists. Bring cash for rental of chairs and umbrellas, although the food leaves much to be desired, but there are decent bathroom facilities available on-site. Visitors should note that sun protection like umbrellas are not provided here so you need to come prepared with your own.

You will see different shades of blue. This beach is truly a natural wonder. 10 minutes drive from Kalkan. There is a car park along the driveway, though relatively limited. You take 3 minutes descend by stairs to the beach. Rental sunshades and sunbeds are available, reasonably priced. There is also a cafe that offers fast food and a wide variety of drinks and beers, slightly overpriced. Overall a great experience.

Muaz T — Google review

Amazing beach - the colour of the water, the waves and the temperature were great. Sun loungers and beds were 80 lira. However the parking is terrible and unless you are very lucky with a space opposite the steps you will have to walk along the main road a bit. Parking spaces do not stay free for long.

Oliver — Google review

Ein toller Strand direkt an einer Schnellstraße! Wirkt sehr abgeschieden obwohl man schnell hinkommt! Es ist wirklich schön und zu empfehlen! Als ich dort war war es leer ich weiß aber nicht wie es im Sommer aussieht denke bei der Anzahl der Bewertungen dass es auch sehr beliebt ist und kein Geheimtipp mehr ist..(Translated by Google)A great beach right on a highway! Seems very secluded even though you can get there quickly! It's really nice and recommended! When I was there it was empty, but I don't know what it looks like in the summer. Given the number of reviews, I think it's also very popular and is no longer an insider tip.

Backpackingpeanuts — Google review

Amazing beach! This is one of the best beaches in Turkey! I prefer to come here after 16.00 to enjoy sunset and make photos!I was here last time 10 years ago and it was a wild beach with no facility around. Unfortunately now it has lots of umbrellas and sun-beds everywhere. Maybe it is more convenient this way, but i still prefer to keep this place untouched.

Gozde U — Google review

Am incredibly beautiful beach nestled between to giant rock formations. We got here at 6 AM to ensure we got a parking spot and to take pictures before the vast amount of people came. And did they come…by 10 am the beach was full to the point of almost ruining this gorgeous spot in earth. There were parents and kids everywhere so expect a lot of locals in addition to foreigners.So if you come, come early and leave early. Bring cash for the chair and umbrella rental. The food here is bleh but the bathrooms are decent.

Tuncer D — Google review

Below steep cliffs hides a bay and a small paradise...Kaputaş. This bay near Kaş has long ceased to be an insider's tip. It consists of the 150 meter long Kaputaş Beach with golden, fine-grained sand, turquoise seas and a meter-high cliff. A long and steep staircase with 187 steps leads you from the coastal road down to the bay, where one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean awaits you.

Amid K — Google review

Beautiful beach with amazing water colours.Great views from the highway. The beach has all of the needed facilities. Bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and a restaurant.You can rent chairs and umbrellas for 75tl each.Parking is on the highway and might be a bit difficult but there’s a high turnover of people so you’ll be able to find a spot.

Michel S — Google review

Nice place to visit once. There are WCs, changing rooms and showers here. No umbrellas or other types of sun protection. Recommend you to take some food and drinks with yourself, however they kinda forbid it (nobody cares). A bit windy

Elaman U — Google review

Stunning view from the road.. crystal sand and clear and clean water. I fall in love on the first sight... I feel like.i don't want to leave this place at the end of the day... I recommended this place who are the beach lover.

Nette23 R — Google review

Come early around 7:30am in the weekdays and it’s not crowded at all! Also you can try 9am as most people leave around that time— parking is limited! Not too many stairs easy access :) 100 TL for umbrella

Selinay ( — Google review

amazing place and the water is amazing. Also, the sand is very nice and white. The beach is between two Rocky Mountains, which makes it like a bay in the mountains. The view is very nice. The only problem is that you park on the highway and there are little parking places as it is very crowded. The water is very clear and enjoyable. do you have to have a car to get to this place? It is on the road between Kaş and Fethiye

Mahmud ( — Google review

Der Kaputaş Plaj in der Türkei ist einfach traumhaft! Das kristallklare Wasser und der feine Sandstrand schaffen eine paradiesische Atmosphäre. Die malerischen Klippen umrahmen den Strand und verleihen dem Ort eine magische Schönheit.Die Umgebung ist atemberaubend und perfekt für Naturliebhaber.Ab Mittags ist es meistens relativ voll daher lieber früh hingehen und das Meer genießen.Zudem kann man sich eine Liege und einen Regenschirm mieten und es gibt auch ein Café wo man sich Essen/Trinken kaufen kann.(Translated by Google)The Kaputaş Plaj in Turkey is simply fantastic! The crystal clear water and the fine sandy beach create a paradisiacal atmosphere. The picturesque cliffs frame the beach and give the place a magical beauty.The surroundings are breathtaking and perfect for nature lovers.It's usually relatively full from midday onwards, so it's better to go there early and enjoy the sea.You can also rent a lounger and an umbrella and there is also a café where you can buy food/drinks.

Acelya A — Google review

Best to go at sunset or early morning as we had no issues with parking.At sunset you’ll witness the most amazing sunset!! Right after the sun sets drive down the road towards Kas to witness a “second sunset”.At early morning (we arrived at 8) plenty of parking is available and hardly any people. Also you’ll have free shade :)My con with the visit is the beach is pretty dirty. Lots of trash. Shame people cannot clean up after themselves!! I think the view from the overlook is better rather than on the beach.The water closets, changing room, and showers are a nice touch.

Lisa B — Google review

This beach is absolutely amazing! The water has a beautiful blue hue that's simply breathtaking. The only downside is finding parking, which can be a bit challenging. But once you're there, the beach's natural beauty makes it all worth it. Plus, there's a great restaurant nearby to satisfy your cravings. Highly recommended!

Youssef E — Google review

Stunning location.Wonderful bay and sea like a giant pool.We went at the start of the season so it was not too busy.We easily parked by the rush y and walked down.I can imagine in high season it must be too busy.

Buddhike M — Google review

Wonderful place to swim. Sea is clean, there are small rocks on the beach but not a problem. Entering is free but per umbrella or sunbed is 100 TL.

Yusuf D — Google review

Stunning beach, it's a must to see if you are nearby. Highly recommended to get there around 9 since the beach is very small and popular. The entrance is free and there is a private beach with facilities and a public one.

Marco V — Google review

Very beautiful place. There are cabins for changing clothes, a toilet, a shower (cold)The sea is warm and with small fishes. The beach is sandy with stones. 2 sunbeds and an umbrella at the end of October cost 300tl.There is free parking, but on weekends after 11 it is difficult to find a place.

Anastasiia O — Google review

So incredibly busy - makes sense though because it’s wonderful.Hiring a lounger and umbrella is 200 Lira.There are many stairs to climb to get to the beach.There’s a lil restaurant there too so you can snack if you need.

Weslee L — Google review


Hadrian's Gate

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (60)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (61)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (62)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (63)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Hadrian's Gate is a monumental triumphal arch built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in honor of his visit to Antalya in 130 AD. The well-preserved arch still serves as one of the main entrances to the historic Kaleici neighborhood and features three arches lined by pillars. The ceiling within has lovely carvings, two old towers perfectly frame Hadrian's Gate on either side.

All of Turkey boasts with many historic sites on its territory, and this one is absolutely the best and most important one you can visit in the sole city center.As you walk the main Ataturk boulevard there's no way to miss this imposing marble gate built almost 2000 years ago in honor of the great Emperor's visit.Outstanding piece of history and unmissable photo op

Dejan B — Google review

Better come seeing this Gate in the morning. Night time, it's very very busy. We came here around 10 on Saturday morning. Quiet and pleasant to appreciate this work. Worth visiting 👍

Saou-Wen S — Google review

A beautiful, historical place. We visited at night and it was very busy. We came back on Sunday around 11 in the morning and it was much better. Less crowded, and better for taking photos.

Mersiha O — Google review

It’s basically the entrance to the old town. It’s amazing that they preserved . Though you will see that there are some renovations that was made but still you will see the old construction and the original design of the gate. If you want to have the full view without a lot of people make sure to visit this early in the morning. ☺️

Grace — Google review

An interesting historical site that's worth a look. If you have time it's also worth checking out the nearby old town with its interesting houses and architecture.Hadrian's Gate is mostly in good condition given its age, but it also shows the wear and tear from centuries of traffic. It's part of the walking track to the old town so tickets are not required.The photos with this review show the Gate and different parts of the adjacent old city. Together, they provide a five star historical experience. All within walking distance. Enjoy.

Ahmad — Google review

Amazing entrance gate to the old town. Amazing how the Romans constructed these gates and after all these thousands of years that they are still in great condition. A must visit if you are in the area

Richard A — Google review

What an entrance! The gate is 2000 years old and still looks magnificent.Do walk around in Antalya and admire the surroundings, I personally like it more than the Old Town in Istanbul, as this one feels less touristic and less people too.

Suciani A — Google review

Visited early April around 3pm. Great place. You find parking around generally fast and easy. Lot of places to eat. Hadrian’s gate is a great place to start to know kaleici area which is a must.Easy to walk with kids and down the bottom is a very nice marina and park

MMF M — Google review

It is a small place, right next to the road but very beautiful. Absolutely a must visit place. Also, don’t miss to spot this friendly cat, she has an eye problem so it will be easy to identify.

Sof?a V — Google review

Remnants of Roman built city gate and walls. Though present structure is heavily renovated however it still has parts of original Roman cut arches and columns. Floor stone is worn out man be due to chariot tracks. It’s a must visit place along with old city and palatial villas.

Altaf S — Google review

Amazing Architecture. You can have amazing pictures at this spot. There is a park right outside the gate where you can relax. You can find all restaurants and shops along the way. Beware of the stone platform in the middle it's very slippery due to wear and tear.

Maysa R — Google review

Hadrian's Gate, an archaeological treasure in Antalya, is a must-visit historical site that I wholeheartedly recommend. This stunning gateway to the past, built to honor Emperor Hadrian, is a testament to ancient craftsmanship and architectural grandeur. What makes this experience truly special is the absence of guided tours or audio guides, providing you with the freedom to explore at your own pace.Walking through Hadrian's Gate feels like stepping back in time, surrounded by the intricate details of this marvel. Although there might not be guided commentary, the site's impressive structure and informative plaques offer valuable historical context.One remarkable aspect is that access to this awe-inspiring site is entirely free. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an architecture admirer, or a casual visitor, Hadrian's Gate promises a captivating journey into the past that you can enjoy on your own terms. Embrace the opportunity to discover history independently, letting the gate's towering presence and the city's ancient echoes transport you to another era.So, if you find yourself in Antalya, don't miss the chance to explore Hadrian's Gate. Its historical significance, architectural splendor, and the freedom to explore without guides make it a truly memorable experience.

Jorge R — Google review

Smaller than we thought, but still a beautiful place before entering the Old Town. Make sure to visit in the morning while it's less crowded.

Reinaldo A — Google review

It's a historical area that is very interesting and wonderful to look at and takes pictures with , its located in an area with different activities you can vist it and go for a walk to the park that its not far away or cross the gate int another area leading to the port or you can just take a walk cross the stores to a restaurant the street is very beautiful but sometimes it can get crowded . Recommend no wait or tickets to go in completely a free site

Aya J — Google review

An excellent example of a Roman Gate in Antalya.Built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

Ola S — Google review

Hadrian's Gate is such a fascinating piece of history, and when you step through it, you enter a maze of charming little streets. You'll find loads of cozy hotels and restaurants tucked away in these lanes. It's not just about the ancient past; it's also a gateway to some amazing local hospitality and food experiences 🏛️🍽️🏨

Sahara S — Google review

Visit this fascinating place during the worst rain ever on hols, yet it was totally mind blown gateway. It's hard to understand how it has survived , whilst many other ancient buildings have disappeared. Was totally mind-blowing to be in a place from a time many many moons ago.

Lan S — Google review

It's interesting to see. The Old Town is full of good restaurants

Javier T — Google review

Such a great blend of ancient civilisations, on one side of the road Hadrians Gate. Built for the arrival of emperor Hadrians to his city of Antalya during the roman empire.On the opposite side of the road you have a 1000 year old Mosque from the early Ottoman empire.And straight down the road, a blend of beautiful modern shops and facilities.A great location and city with much to fo and see.

Motin K — Google review

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Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (64)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (65)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (66)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (67)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (68)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (69)

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5M Migros

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (71)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (72)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (73)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (74)

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Shopping mall

5M Migros is a significant trade and shopping center in Antalya, Turkey, which has contributed to the city's increasing shopping revenues alongside tourism. The mall offers over 128 high-quality boutiques and stores, providing a diverse range of products from brand-name clothing to jewelry and books. Additionally, visitors can enjoy amenities such as an onsite cinema and an expansive food court, making it a comprehensive shopping destination for tourists and locals alike.

Loved the 5M Migros, close to my hotel. Every shop I went to staff helped to the best of their ability. Spent a lot of time at the Pandora shop though at the till precisely not sure what they couldn't figure out before I could be able to make payment.

Philisiwe Z — Google review

Very big mall with a lot of shops. Here is everything you need, very well maintained.

Wilhelm V — Google review

It offers slightly more than the smaller supermarkets do. Wasn't very impressed with the range of food products. The vegan section contained mostly gluten free items and some non-vegan products. Very little available for those who want dairy free alternatives.

Lisa S — Google review

Was going around, prices high, kvalitet not. Only thing i used 20 tl was massasje stol. And tjah...bought big trygrilled, over grilled chicken for 80 tl.

Marit K — Google review

Almost all cheese is not edible. But there are some products from pork. All the juices are with chemical aftertaste and with a lot of sugar. Sometimes, they have decent pasta.

Ivashkevych S — Google review

A wonderful place to do shopping. It is a real hypermarket, you can find everything here. I bought the Lokum's from the stand inside (the girl serving me was excellent and gave me several Loku*ms to taste) and wrapped my order very beautifully. The prices are wonderful. I bought Pistachios, Nuts and many more things to bring it back to my hometown, because the prices at Migros are rather cheap.

Tamar G — Google review

It's like a one-stop shop for everything you need. They've got a huge variety of stuff, from fresh fruits and veggies to all your household essentials. The store is always neat and tidy, making shopping a breeze. The best part is the staff—they're super friendly and always ready to lend a hand. Whenever I have a question, they're there with a smile. 5M Migros is definitely my go-to supermarket in Antalya.

Sahara S — Google review

A wonderful place to do shopping, easy to get there by bus KO7 from Kemer or Beldibi, very cheap 2 euro ticket. There are lots of shops Turskish fashion (KOTON, US POLO, IPEKYOL etc.) american brands like Bath and BOdy works, Migros hypermarket, Starbucks, you can find everything here. The prices are wonderful. It will be great if they have Victoria's Secret shop.

Maria R — Google review

it’s a good and big place where you can find everything I want. There are also electric equipment, but not much. The moon is also very nice and versatile.

Mahmud ( — Google review

It is nice, almost well designed inside (I'd add the food court signs).But!The entrance is located in a weird way. I spent hours trying to get there. It is really close, but it is always far from you!

Christine W — Google review

There is no Koçtaş inside, and it is extremely crowded. Along with that, the cashiers that are in 5M Migros are too slow. However, it's still a good place to get your needs.

61`Canvaser! — Google review


Old Town Restaurant- KALEIÇI

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (75)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (76)

Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (77)Map of Antalya Province — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (78)

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Old Town Restaurant- KALEIÇI is located in the historic Kaleiçi old town area, known for its intact ruins and city gates. The restaurant offers a warm Turkish welcome and is praised for its amazing kebabs like Cop Sis and Iskender. Situated in the center of the old town, it features a nice outdoor deck perfect for alfresco dining.

Had the grilled chicken skewer, my partner had the chicken durum wrap, the salad and fries. Really good food and service.

Lara H — Google review

Overall good but not cheap should definitely ask prices before ordering so not left with nasty surprise when bill comes,lamb chops were quite fatty but decent flavourMix grill was nice good service

Michael V — Google review

Food was great especially the meatballs. A bit expensive compared to other nearby restos but chose to dine here because the staff was friendly and accommodating. They gave us free appetizer and tea.

Hanna M — Google review

Old town restaurant serves the best chicken skewers, it is very tender and flavourful. Definitely coming back to try other food on the menu. Friendly staff and fast service. Worth every Lira we spent. Special thanks to Sedat, he’s made our turkish dining experience very pleasant. You all should try their food and meet this lovely gentleman. We left the restaurant with full belly and a smile on our faces

Regie B — Google review

We chose to go to this restaurant for its good review (4.7). We had a super nice warm Turkish welcome from Mehmet and Sedat! I suggest this restaurant for amazing kebabs, we ate “Cop Sis” and Iskender first day then we even repeated for a second day :) right in the center of old town and nice deck (outdoor).

Emre O — Google review

The reviews are all true this place is worth a visit. The service was good and friendly and the food was excellent! Pop in for a steak you won't regret it - Even the cats recommend it! 👍👍

Dan S — Google review

(Translated by Google) A great restaurant! Very tasty Iskender, great beer, everything is at a high level. If you want a good breakfast, a hearty lunch or a delicious dinner, you need to come here. The service is at a high level, all employees are trying. Guys, you did a great job! good luck to you!Harika bir restaurant! Çok lezzetli İskender, harika bira, her şey yüksek seviyede. İyi bir kahvaltı, doyurucu bir öğle yemeği veya lezzetli bir akşam yemeği istiyorsanız buraya gelmeniz gerekiyor. Hizmet üst duzeyde, tüm çalışanlar deniyor. Beyler, harika bir is çıkardınız! Sana iyi şanslar!Excellent restaurant! Very tasty Iskender, excellent beer, everything is at a high level. If you want a good breakfast, hearty lunch or delicious dinner, you need to come here. The service is at a high level, all the staff try. Guys, you did a great job! Good luck to you! Semyon - well done!(Original)A great restaurant! Very tasty Iskender, great beer, everything is at a high level. If you want a good breakfast, a hearty lunch or a delicious dinner, you need to come here. The service is at a high level, all employees are trying. Guys, you did a great job! Good luck to you!Harika bir restoran! Çok lezzetli İskender, harika bira, her şey yüksek seviyede. İyi bir kahvaltı, doyurucu bir öğle yemeği veya lezzetli bir akşam yemeği istiyorsanız buraya gelmeniz gerekiyor. Hizmet üst düzeyde, tüm çalışanlar deniyor. Beyler, harika bir iş çıkardınız! Sana iyi şanslar!Отличный ресторан! Очень вкусный Искендер, отличное пиво, все на высоком уровне. Если вы хотите хороший завтрак, сытный обед или вкусный ужин, вам нужно прийти сюда. Сервис находится на высоком уровне, все сотрудники стараются. Ребята, вы проделали отличную работу! Удачи вам! Семен - молодец!

?????? ? — Google review

Lamb was cooked to the perfect level but fattier than normal. Urfa tasted good.

Majid A — Google review

Highly recommend, we don't usually go to the same places twice but we did here because the food was so good and the staff are so friendly and take time to understand what you are looking for and accommodate! Proper Turkish experience!

Nichola C — Google review

Very delicious food and excellent service! We enjoyed every dish we ordered. Will highly recommend.

Siena P — Google review

A fantastic experience! The staff are friendly, welcoming and attentive - they are very knowledgeable on the local area and wanted to assist in any way they could to make the experience an enjoyable one. Not only is the food well priced but it’s delicious as well, I could not recommend Old Town Restaurant more.

Jonothan M — Google review

Had dinner here after reading all the positive reviews.I have to say, this was the only restaurant on the road that didn’t have anyone continuously trying to get customers in and pretty much every table was taken.They give you free bread as most places do, as well as yoghurt and a tomato salad, however we saw it being microwaved to warm it up and it’s just soggy dough, not to mention the fact it was just picked up with the man’s hands even though he had just cleared customers plates and didn’t wash his hands.The kebab was good but definitely had better in Kaleici, Side and Alanya.Service was top notch and all the staff were very friendly.Suppose the reason for writing this as honest and clear for you all to know is that once our plates had been cleared, we watched them save the rest of the bread we hadn’t eaten and the tomato salad to give to the next customer.Equally it cost pretty much £30 for 2 plates of donor meat and rice, a co*ke and one beer.This is 100% what we saw in practice by the staff here tonight, but I’ll let you all decide if it’s the place for you or not.

Drew C — Google review

Overall is good but not cheap. you must check the price before ordering. you have no time to find the best restaurant, here is recommaned

Roy K — Google review

We came to have dinner. Some kind of sea food was not available, then we couldn't order pida cause they don't do it after 8 pm.. finally it was possible to order a third choice - döner kebap that was tasty and big enough. Tomato soup was tasty, served with cheese but stuffed mussels with spicy rice did not taste of any sea food. Maybe other dishes are better. The service was ok.

Monika H — Google review

first food worth paying the price for here. Lamb very good and grilled sea bream.

Nik C — Google review

(Translated by Google) A place that I prefer for a long time from rare places that do not spoil its quality, I tried almost most of the things on the menu, all of them are delicious, friendly, quality and hygienic. I definitely recommend you to stop by, the prices are also affordable(Original)Kalitesini bozmayan nadir yerlerden uzun zamandır tercih ettiğim bir yer hemen hemen menüdeki çoğu şeyi denedim hepsi birbirinden lezzetli güler yüzlü kaliteli ve hijyene önem veren bir yer kesinlikle ugramanızı tavsiye ederim fiyatları da uygun

Berk S — Google review

Amazing food and lovely people who work here 😁

Billy A — Google review

The service was great, I am happy with it. The lentil soup was also excellent, I'd definitely recommend it. Adana Kebap was just OK. Overally it's a good decent place, but nothing super exceptional. Safe to go and eat

Timur R — Google review

Great seafood, tea for a quite affordable price.Staffs were also very friendly

Shenna W — Google review

Beautiful food prepared & served by lovely hospitable people. I ate at Old Town Restaurant on two occasions while passing through the city & couldn't recommend enough. The vegetable casserole & stuffed muscles were particular stand outs for me. Hosts are very welcoming & kind. 10/10

Daniel L — Google review

We had a wonderful dinner experience here on our last night in Antalya. The owner was incredibly friendly and the Adana kebabs were wonderfully high quality meat. The staff really took care of us and ensured we had a great experience from start to finish.

Jo — Google review

This is the best restaurant I have visited in Antalya. The food is delicious and well priced but the service is outstanding. The staff and owners are very accommodating and friendly. They make you feel like you are at home and nothing is to much for them.Highly recommend and should not be missed!

Wayne C — Google review

This is the best restaurant I've eaten in so far in Antalya. The stuff is lovely and helpful, the food is delicious and the portions are huge! I ordered one chicken Caesar salad and it could easily be for 2 people. I'm very satisfied and I highly recommend this place

Olga O — Google review

We really love our experience in this restaurant. We ordered fish and grilled capsicum and it is so delicious and presentable The staffs of the restaurant are very friendly, and the owner is so humurous. We are looking forward to go back to this place!

MaBelma P — Google review

Generous food portion, very tasty too! I enjoyed the hummus, mixed grill, and tripe soup.Staff are warm, funny and friendly. I was given free refills of Turkish tea after our meal.Good location to explore old town. 👍🏼

Mary L — Google review

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