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MatthewErie, PA

Verified purchase

Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed June 9, 2024

Great selection of products and fantastic prices! Have been purchasing several products from Budget Pet Care for at least four years and have always had a positive experience! Even when it was necessary to contact customer service for a minor issue, it has always been handled promptly and with satisfaction. I definitely recommend using Budget Pet Care for your pet needs.

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TameraDuluth, GA

Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 4, 2024

Budget Pet Care is the perfect place to purchase medicine and other needs / supplies for your fur babies! Their associates are very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. If there is a problem or question just give them a call or send an email, their associates handle it right away.

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SandiAthens, GA

PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed June 4, 2024

This company provides the same product for much lower prices than at the vet. I have never had a problem, other than the wait time. If you plan ahead, it is not an issue. Having a pet is expensive, so it is nice to be able to save some money to get the exact same item. I will continue to purchase from Budget Pet Care.

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PatriciaKilleen, TX


Reviewed June 3, 2024

I have ALWAYS received good service. I have been buying from this company now for a couple of years. When I had a question, it was promptly answered. I have never had a problem getting my products. Great products with a fantastic price.

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JohnPortland, OR

Reviewed May 18, 2024

So for all those who have ordered or intend ordering from this company my experience has been really good. I ordered my ‘Heartgard’ for Heartworm, round worms and hook worms protection. The order took two weeks to arrive, which I expected since this is a fulfillment house based in Singapore. Now shipping is free and price is great so $35.00 total cost was a relief since USA based meds were 100% more!! What a rip, eh? Anyway, they arrived, I checked out the batch # and exp date and sent an email to Boehinger Ingelheim group in Australia to verify. They sent me a case # and their USA based contact. He verified the batch number is indeed from his company but said since it wasn’t manufactured for the USA market he couldn’t recommend using it.

I’m sure the pet med industry wrote a protected clause somewhere. So conclusion is this medication is just fine. Same ingredients same dosage just same outrageous drug cost for USA dog meds as for humans. Just fine. PS: DO NOT buy any heartworm meds anywhere unless you have had your dog tested for heart worm first!! JM Portland OR

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JoMelbourne, FL

Verified purchase

Customer ServiceOnline & App

Reviewed June 24, 2024

I ordered ** for our 3 dogs. It took 3 weeks to get here. In the meantime I noticed that the tracking information showed it was coming from Singapore. Singapore is not China. I called the 1-800 on the website and they answered and were very helpful. They said I can refuse it if I was concerned. It was put in my mailbox, so I had no opportunity to refuse. I called the manufacturer, Zoetis after it arrived. They said it is a valid product, but not for use in the USA. So, I called Budget Pet Care and told them I wanted to return the product. They said they will send me a Pre-paid envelope to return. Customer service has been good so far. We will see if we get our money returned. I wish they informed the customer BEFORE ordering that it is not for use in the USA.

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noGrand Rapids, MI

Customer Service

Reviewed June 13, 2024

I placed an order with First off I did not get an email confirmation for the order, I tried emailing them several times about this and never got a response, I did finally get an email with a tracking number they said was for USPS but it was not valid. 10 days later I did receive the package which ended up coming from Singapore. I ordered frontline for dogs and revolution for cats and all the packages are stamped Boehringer Ingelheim South Africa, manufacturing site France, so who know if this stuff is legit or not, has anyone received this same stuff and tried using it?? I will not order from this place again and I don't know if I dare use this stuff. I might try and return it.

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GaelenKalamazoo, MI

Verified purchase

Online & App

Reviewed June 6, 2024

There is absolutely nothing on the website to tell you that these products are coming from China before finalizing your order. You don't know this information until after you have bought the products. It has been over two weeks since I ordered and the pet medications I ordered are still in transit, it was at least 5 days before they even shipped them out! In this day and age that is totally unacceptable!! Never buy from If your pet needs meds, they will die before you get the medication.

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AngelaOlivehurst, CA


Reviewed March 3, 2024

I had been buying Bravecto from a company called BugetpetWorld, it was the same product I bought in the U.S. with half the cost, our dog gets demodicosis, and the Bravecto takes care of it, we never saw signs of it coming back until my son bought the product from BudgetpetCare, it is NOT the same, it does NOT control it, I contacted BudgetpetWorld after I found that my son ordered from the wrong company, they said that this company is a competitor, and that they have had many complaints from people who have confused their company with this one because they have copied the same web site look, and close name. Do Not buy from this company, they say it is from Canada but it ships from China, it is not the same, BudgetPetWorlds product, is the same as if you bought in the US, just take a bit longer for shipping.

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Interesting because Budgetvetcare has been around 3 years BEFORE budgetvetworld. So I would definitely say they copied from Budgetvetcare. I have had no issues with Budgetvetcare for years now.

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Top 277 Reviews From Legit Buyers (1)

ValerieCharlotte, NC

Reviewed Feb. 17, 2024

1. Company is located in Canada so I was under impression that is where orders came from.

2. Package was processed and sent from Singapore.
3. My mailing address on invoice is correct however my package and tracking confirmation shows package was delivered in a city 50 miles away from my address.

I am a first-time customer and I will NEVER use this HORRIBLE company again. I want a FULL REFUND.

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Top 277 Reviews From Legit Buyers (2024)


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